AMI is an award-winning supplier recognized by our customers for Overall Performance Excellence, Value, Quality and On-time Delivery.  AMI provides a broad range of services to our customers while maintaining its reputation for quality and service.  Key to our success is our experienced, highly dedicated staff and our commitment to maintaining a low overhead structure that allows us to provide competitive pricing, expeditiously.

The hard work of everyone at AMI has been recognized time and time again by our customers. We display them proudly in our lobby for our visitors to see and to remind us to continue to strive for excellence.  

  • Honda Overall Performance Excellence
  • Aisin Outstanding Delivery
  • Yachiyo L&D Achievement
  • Hi-Lex On-Time Delivery
  • Nissin Performance
  • Nissin Delivery Performance
  • Honda Excellence in Value
  • Honda Challenging Spirit
  • Aisin Outstanding Delivery
  • Wilimington L&S Launch
  • AY Manufacturing Delivery
  • Ford Quality 1
  • CMH Development